Super Ads XL is the #1 Big Game Ad viewer for your tablet!
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  • Use Super Ads XL to look-up, watch, & save your favorite Super Ads. As an American, the commercials that are shown while watching the Big Game are almost if not better than the actual game. Most people can remember the Super Ad from 3 years ago, but have no idea who won the game. Super Ads XL is a fully functional and feature filled Big Game Ad viewer.

    Features include:
    • Super Ads from the last 4 Big Games. 2012, 2011, 2010, & 2009.
    • Mark the Super Ads you can't live without as a favorite to easily find them any time you want.
    • Tap on the Super Ad thumbnail and the Super Ad plays automatically in the in-app Super Ad XL Viewer
    • Share via facebook, twitter, email, and more coming in the next release.